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What kinds of books do you want the Montgomery County Public Libraries to purchase for its collection?
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All of them!
Dec 05, 2012 Jennifer G22

But seriously - the Montgomery County Library's collection budget has been seriously underfunded for many years. It's sad when our book club chooses a book, and we find that Montgomery County has no copies. I find that the DC library has a better selection of current books.

The library should definitely have NY Times best sellers (fiction and non-fiction), biographies for adults and children, fiction classics, interesting fiction suitable for book clubs, non-fiction suitable for research up to the high school level, world fiction (as befits such a diverse county), cookbooks, reference books - I could go on and on. Also - I quibble with using the word "books" - the library needs e-books, DVDs, and online journals and magazines - both popular and research related.

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